Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rick Relyea
Director Jefferson Project at Lake George
Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer
Associate Director Darrin Fresh Water Institute
Deborah McGuinness
Tetherless World Constellation Professor
Peter Fox
Director Information Technology and Web Science
James Hendler
Director Institute for Data Exploration and Applications
Chuck Stewart
Department Head and Professor of Computer Science
Mimi Katz
Associate Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences
Morgan Schaller
Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences
Art Sanderson
Professor Electrical, Computer and Systesms Engineering
John Wen
Department Head and Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Shayla Sawyer
Associate Professor Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
Kathy High
Professor of Arts
Kathleen Ruiz
Associate Professor of Arts
Hui Su
Director Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory
Jonas Braasch
Director Center for Cognition, Communication and Culture
Kevin Rose
Frederic R. Kolleck '52 Career Development Chair in Freshwater Ecology
Larry Eichler
Research Scientist Darrin Fresh Water Institute
Karyn Rogers
Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences
Richard Bopp
Associate Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences

IBM Research

Harry Kolar
Jefferson Project Associate Director, IBM Fellow, Environmental Science
Mike Kelly
Jefferson Project Research Scientist, Sensors and Embedded Platforms
Michael Passow
Senior Technical Staff Member, Smarter Planet Initiatives
Eli Dow
Jefferson Project Research Scientist, Master Inventor
Randy Kubich
Technical Project Manager
Michael Henderson
Research Staff Member
Lloyd Treinish
IBM Distinguished Engineer; Chief Scientist - Environmental Modelling, and Chief Scientist, Deep Thunder
Campbell Watson
Jefferson Project Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mark Yao
Smart Energy, Cyber-Physical Computing, Embedded and Internet-Scale Control Systems
Emanuele Ragnoli
Research Staff Member
Lucas Villa Real
Research Software engineer - Natural resources
Tony Praino
Chief Engineer/Chief Meteorologist - Weather Group/Deep Thunder - Smarter Energy & Environmental Science
Frank Liu
Research Staff Member
Fearghal O'Donncha
Research Staff Member

The FUND for Lake George

Jeff Killeen
Board Chair
Eric Siy
Executive Director
Chris Navitsky
Lake George Waterkeeper

Science Advisory Board

Ru Morrison
Executive Director Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS)
Kathy Cottingham
Professor of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College
Jeff Lape
National Water Program Expert
Michael Vanni
Professor of Biology, Miami University
Mark Schildhauer
Director of Computing, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis